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Our Forest Home Page
Forest Fractal LLC is a social enterprise dedicated to building the restorative economy, for people and the planet.  We develop partnerships to promote sustainable development in forest biomes.  We explore the integration of art and science to social entrepreneurship in our quest for sustainable livelihoods and healthy watersheds. We believe that a forest fractal can begin with just one tree.

Finally, Forest Fractal is a place in the beautiful Soap Creek Valley of Oregon, USA.  We follow in a tradition of stewardship that has created a healthy, multi-species mature forest attracting a wealth of biodiversity.  More information coming soon.

frac'-tal.  A geometric shape that can be split into parts each of which is a reduced size copy of the whole.  Fractals are complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales.  Fractals extract order out of chaos.  Nature is filled with fractals.

Forest Fractal thanks to Zheng-Yang Liu for technical & artistic support. Xie Xie

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