We are two amongst many residents who call this place home

Forest Fractal sprouted in 2009 from eco-tourism seeds planted a decade earlier.  Forest Fractal become a place in the beautiful Soap Creek Valley of Oregon, USA in 2015.  We collaborate with a network of like-minded small enterprises
Faye Yoshihara
Specializing in building bridges between the often polarized sectors of society, Faye merges a 20 year corporate career with a decade of brokering cross-sector partnerships and supporting start-up & growth-stage social enterprises.  Faye was a general manager for Nike Inc., where she provided regional line management in Latin America and Asia-Pacific and championed local-for-local business initiatives.  At S. C. Johnson & Son, she held diverse positions in research and development, marketing and business management, including expatriate assignments based in Venezuela, Mexico & Malaysia, managing regional business clusters.  These corporate experiences prompted Faye to start her own business, Pontes Consulting, LLC, with the aim to promote collaborative models for job creation in the developing South, bringing together multi-national and local businesses, NGOs and government agencies.  Her projects spanned the fields of public health (malaria, dengue, HIV/Aids & homelessness), local economy (Base of the Pyramid, supply chain & financial transaction platforms), corporate social responsibility and on-line education.  During this time, as a W.K. Kellogg Foundation Fellow, she became intrigued by the possibilities for eco-tourism to create sustainable livelihoods.  Returning to her own rural roots, Faye launched Forest Fractal, LLC, a social enterprise dedicated to the restorative economy and now focuses her efforts on rural economic development and experiential learning.  Faye was an adjunct instructor at Portland State University School of Business, Masters in International Management and Pacific Northwest College of Art, Collaborative Design spanning a 10 year period.  She serves on the boards of the Benton Soil and Water Conservation District and Center for Diversity and the Environment.  Faye earned her bachelors’ degrees in Food Science and Technology and Microbiology from Oregon State University and a Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.

Kevin Kenaga
A keen observer of Nature, Kevin can be found outdoors in any season and any weather, completely absorbed in exploration of the natural world.  Kevin's lifelong fascination with water lead to a 20 year career as a longshoreman at the Port of Kenosha, Wisconsin.  During these decades, he also served as seasonal crew for the Wanderlust, a Caribbean based trimaran, on Lake Michigan racing yachts and as a divemaster working underwater salvage and construction.  After a too-long hiatus in mortgage banking, Kevin's love of nature was the catalyst for his recent career transition to energy conservation and habitat restoration.  Kevin holds a BS degree in Environmental Studies from Portland State University.  

Oak Release:  Preserving and protecting Oregon white oak savannah and woodland
Prior to pioneer settlement the Soap Creek Valley was home to the Kalapuya people. They used fire to maintain open stands of oak as a food source, both for acorns and to attract deer, elk, birds and other game.  Less than 5% of oak habitat remain.  An Oak Release is the process of removing the Douglas fir and bigleaf maple that have overtopped the oaks allowing them access to sun and the chance to grow into the future.  

The photos below show the process of releasing our "Old Oak", a legacy tree estimated to be well over 300 years old.
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